Anonymous asked: Where can I send a submission?I want to know if my eyes are heterochromic :)

I answered this the other day!
There’s a link that says submit if you go on my blog from a computer.

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danielle-vickers asked: I just put up a photo of my eyes, are they heterochromic?

most definitely & they are very pretty!

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Beautiful Cat | by "Daron82"

Anonymous asked: Do you take submissions? I wanna know if my eye is heterochromatic. I think it is. Well, partially anyways

Yeah, there’s a submission link on my blog.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering if you knew if my eyes would be considered heterochromic? They're rarely two different colours at the same time, but the colour changes almost daily, from grey to all shades of blue right through to dark green. I've never really looked into it but I found your blog and got curious, thanks :)

I was doing research but honestly I had trouble finding an accurate answer for you. In your case, talking with a professional might help you get the answer you’re looking for. Sorry I couldn’t help!

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Anonymous asked: Omg I also have one hazel and one black brown eye *_*

That’s such a weird coincidence, you two should be buddies.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I have one hazel and one black brown, just wondering how common is heterochromia?

About 200,000 people (in the United States alone) have heterochromia, which is less than 1% of the population. So you could say it isn’t too common!

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